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We wish Ramadan Eid to bring peace, happiness and blessings to the entire Islamic world.

Atilla Group

Within the framework of the partnership with Medipol Universities and Hospitals in Turkey;

We have the right of authorized offices in the Balkan region and Africa region. In this context, our companies Acon Education and Acon Healthcare started to work in the relevant regions.

The public is announced.

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8 months ago
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Ramazan bayramınız mübarek olsun. | Eid Mubarak | Bajram Šerif Mubarek Olsun
#ramazan #ramadan #eid #ramazanbayramı

8 months ago
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Kurucumuz Ziya Atilla'nın 15. vefat yıl dönümü münasebetiyle kendisini rahmet ve şükranla anıyoruz.
On behalf of our founder Ziya Atilla's 15th anniversary, we commemorate him with mercy ... See more

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