Atilla Group


Company Profile

Atilla Group started its activities in 1976 under the name Atilla Trade manufacturing building materials.

Under the umbrella term Atilla Group, it provides services in the fields of design, architectural design and management, construction contracting, steel structure manufacturing, prefabric housing, construction buildings manufacturing as well as manufacturing and application of facade materials and accessories.


Atilla Group, in which Ziya Atilla and his family laid the foundations in 1976. Today, it has served in more than 20 countries, has completed more than 300 projects and serves in 6 different sectors in many countries of the world.

Building blocks of the company; is built on trust, quality, customer-oriented service and aesthetics.

Ziya Atilla


The company that is known today as Atilla Group was based on the foundations of the initial company established by Ziya Atilla and his brothers. It was born in 1940 in the city of Siirt in Turkey.

The business owned by Ziya Atilla and his brothers, who initially produced jewelery and construction materials, obtained its official name in 1976 as Atilla Ticaret and thus set the grounds for the Atilla Group Company, as known today.